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Early Childhood Education Associates Inc. professional development is funded through a grant from First Things First.

About Early Childhood Education Associates Inc.

A child’s early years form a brain for a lifetime. Early Childhood Education Associates, Inc. knows that early experiences and the professionals who facilitate them are the most valuable educators of all! As our field moves forward nationally, our mission is to garner professional respect for all early childhood teachers through the process of national credentials and the development of continuous teaching expertise. For this reason, six regional early childhood teachers formed the company, Early Childhood Education Associates, Inc. to secure a professional development grant funded by First Things First, Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board.

Early Childhood Conference

Meet the Conference Speakers


A. Strand Guest: Leo Biasiucci, Arizona House of Representatives Listening to Rural ECE Perspectives: Who are we? What do we need?

A. Keynote and Administrator Strand:

Dr. Steffen Saifer, EdD

Author: Practical Solutions to Practically Every Problem

Administrators across La Paz and Mohave Counties have the unique opportunity to spend a valuable day discussing and consulting with Dr. Saifer. He is a former early childhood teacher and Head Start Director who currently works as an international consultant and writer based in Spain. He has worked for numerous organizations, including UNICEF and the World Bank, developing graduate programs and national curricula in many countries. Dr. Saifer’s Keynote Address will provide an inspirational and unique glimpse into the array of early childhood programs across the globe. He will share his experiences and insights gained working with teachers and administrators from Bangladesh to Belarus, Gambia to Georgia, and many more.

B. Behavior Strand

Birth to Five Helpline is here in La Paz/Mohave!

A “must use” because an additional perspective helps!

Facilitated by Barb Gordon, Birth to Five Helpline (Southwest Human Development)

Begin your day with an overview of what the Birth to Five Helpline offers and how we can help support the work you do everyday.

Continue the day with us talking about the behaviors that we find challenging in young children. Through the use of rich discussion and activities, you will walk away with some new strategies to use in your classroom, beginning on Monday!

C. Certificate Strand: Care Provider Expertise: Understanding the Parenting with Love and Logic Way Approach

During this all-day track, Early Childhood professionals will learn an understanding of the Love and Logic core values and principles, as well as learn how to get the buy in from parents and caregiver colleagues. Participants will receive their own “Parenting the Love and Logic Way” workbook and a professional frameable Certificate of Completion.

-Love and Logic is a balance of love, mutual respect, limits, and accountability. Participants will become aware of curricula that will support caregivers in helping their children become happy, self-controlled adults. With the loving, yet powerful tools of the Love and Logic approach, caregivers’ knowledge to recruit families and help their children learn to make good choices and experience success in life while maintaining love and respect.

D. Deep Dive Strand

D.1 This session will shine light on common toddler behaviors that are often misconstrued as purposeful aggression and provide tips on how to meet the child’s emotional needs without damaging their emotional “root system.”

D. 2 In this session, we will explore how teachers and families can work together to create multiple environments that support toddler growth and development.

D. 3 Helping children to recognize how they are feeling helps them begin to self-regulate and understand feelings in other people. Social awareness helps children begin to understand and meet classroom expectations.

La Paz/Mohave Early Childhood Conference 8:15 to 3:00

Complementary: 7:45 Coffee and Assorted Muffins; Lunch: Italian Hoagies and Condiments

June 11, 2022 Lake Havasu Aquatic and Community Center 100 Park Ave LHC 86403

Pre-Selection of Breakout Sessions:

Return form to margee@ecedassociates.com or FAX to: 928-225-3868

NAME ______________________________________ REGISTRY ID NUMBER: _____________

EMAIL ______________________________________ Text Phone NUMBER: ______________

Name of Early Childhood Employer _________________________________City ___________

Ages of children: ______Number of children in group:_____ Degree or CDA? YES____ NO____

Vegetarian Hoagie Yes ______ No ______ *will be added to the Registry.

8:30 Welcome and Keynote Speaker

Circle Letter for Your “Strand” for the Day:

A . Administration– Director Retreat for Registry Identified Directors ONLY Return this form!

B. Behavior S.O.S.: B. 1 B.2 B.3 Birth To Five Helpline is Here Return this form!

C. Certificate: Care Provider Expertise: Parenting with Love and Logic Registry Enroll!

D. Deep Dive into Toddler Emotional Health: D.1 D.2 D.3 Return this form!

OR Choice or Mixed B and D: Circle a single 1 slot , 2 slot , & 3 slot in B OR D sessions 😊

10:00 Session 1

A. Administrator

B.1 Who to Call With Questions?

C. Love

D.1 Toddler Aggression




& Logic


11:30 Session 2

Practical Solutions

B.2 Addressing Pre-school Behaviors


D. 2 Toddler Families


1:30 Session 3

Practical Solutions

B.3 Addressing Toddler Behaviors


D. 3 Awareness & Games


Return Form

Return Form

Registry Enroll

Return Form

5 Hour Total


* When B or D sessions are full, additional participants will be placed in the “C” Session.

For Open Seating as available go to www.azregistry.org ;

On far left: Find Training Event

Search Criteria: La Paz Mohave Early Childhood Conference June 11th

Include: Classroom Only *This is seating is for Love and Logic – 60 maximum for this section.


Experienced Educators

ECEd Associates are accomplished teachers and administrators with master’s degrees, each excelling in the early childhood field.

Professional Development

Our “menu” of offerings provide opportunities for everyone, from those new to the field to teachers who seek more advanced skills.

Individual Technical Assistance

On-site support, web-based resources, and consultations in weekly office hours provide continuous assistance for best practices with young children.

Since we reside in a rural region, ECEd Associates has taken a “system” approach to Professional Development for Early Care and Education Professionals. Our “menu” of offerings provides opportunities for everyone, from those new to the field to teachers who seek more advanced skills. Each child development opportunity targets the challenges for excellence we all face with the strategies and solutions to be effective.  

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