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Early Childhood Education Associates Inc. professional development is funded through a grant from First Things First.

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Mohave County Language and Brain Development Project

Young Toddler Seminars: 12-24 month

Older Toddler Seminars: 24-36 months

Dr. Renate Zangl Ph. D.

Researcher and Award-winning Author of Raising a Talker


For Registration Call: MARGEE 928-230-6067

La Paz/Mohave

Regional Language Development Project

Dr. Renate Zangl

Award-winning author of

Raising a Talker

Toddler I Project 12-24 months

Toddler II Project 24-36 months

The project is open to programs willing to enroll all age group care providers for maximum results with toddlers!

The Language Development Project is designed to give early care and education professionals the know-how and tools to provide tuned-in developmentally appropriate and knowledgeable care. The emphasis is on improving the quality of caregiver-child communication and interaction, how toddler communication skills develop over time, and specific aspects of the cognitive and language skills toddlers are working on in each age range. The goal within a goal of Dr. Renate Zangl’s commitment is measurable progress towards closing the word gap in a region with a 40% poverty rate. For this reason, Dr. Zangl will work with directors and child care programs willing to seriously commit to this goal!

The project works intensively with directors and the staff nurturing toddlers 12 to 24 months. Another section includes toddlers 24 to 36 months. Participation is limited each year in order to provide intensive hands-on training and director consulting opportunities with Dr. Zangl.

Components with Dr. Zangl include:

*Monthly hands-on instruction delivered for full toddler staff at a local location.

*Instruction, discussion and hands-on opportunities to learn research-based strategies and activities to maximize toddler cognitive and language development.

*Tri-annual visits by Dr. Zangl on location with directors, and care providers.