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Early Childhood Education Associates Inc. professional development is funded through a grant from First Things First.

2020/2021 Regional Options

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*City schedule has local offerings and dates. Find at Registry by the Instructor Name, Classroom Only

Parents and Teachers:

A Win-Win Combination!

Success with Parents Full-Year Cohort

16-hour August through April Series Only

Description: Effective strategies to improve parent relationships and engagement with collaboration, positive behavior and school readiness goals. Relationships with Families is CDA content area most often needing clock hours.

Building Individualized Behavior Plans

8-hour Series Sessions in Fall OR Spring

Description: Sharpen your skills to work with every child and family with the basics of building and implementing effective individualized behavior plans Each month develops a critical step in the process including plan materials and applications opportunities.

Leaders Excellence Cohort

(16 training hours total)

Description: Exciting materials will drive the topics and reflections! Designed for directors seeking to improve effectiveness through solutions-based problem-solving.

CDA Credential Completion Support Pre-requisite of 120 clock hours in 8 CDA Areas and Pre-advising Required

Description: Navigate the CDA credentialing process with structured portfolio assistance, exam preparation and formal observation support.

Regional Language Development Project Raising a Talker” author Dr. Renate Zangl: Toddler 12-24 months and 24-36 months: Available in specialized implementation segments. This project is a staff-wide program to provide measurable strategies for intensive brain building in toddlers.

Director “vision” and participation is a part! Call today!

CDA Fast-Track: Intensive 1 Year Track

Call Margee for details 928-230-6067

10 Hour ECE College Level Courses! Each course is aligned with the ECE AA Degree Description: ECE courses are taught monthly by ECEd Associates. REGISTRATION DIRECTIONS: Please fill out the paper enrollment form and fax to 928-225-3868. Sequence of classes subject to change in some locations but all will be held.

  • Two Day Format- Thursday evening 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tentative Sequence:

  • ECE Cognitive Development: August

  • ECE Social/Emotional:


  • ECE Physical Development


  • ECE: Observation Strategies:


  • ECE Environment


  • ECE Family and Community


  • ECE Curriculum and Planning


  • ECE Professionalism 


  • ECE Health, Safety and Nutrition


  • 4-hour Saturday Math and Science “Strands” New 4th Edition AZELS to Make, TAKE, Teach!

8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. with plans & materials

  • SC1 Exploring & Observations

    • August

  • SC2 Investigating & Experiments

    • September

  • SC3 Inquiry & Fun Applications

    • October

  • MS1 Counting & Comparing Quantities

    • November

  • MS2 Exploring Adding & Subtracting

    • January

  • MS3 Exploring Categories & Data

    • February

  • MS4 Shapes, Patterns & Properties

    • March

  • RR 2 Phonemic Awareness: TBD

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